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8 TOP SEC Matchups We Want To See

With Texas and Oklahoma moving to the SEC, new rivalries will be formed. Old rivalries with certainly go away to as an unintended result of expansion. We will look at those in another article. Below are the top 8 SEC matchups we want to see.

8. Texas A&M vs. Texas

This classic rivalry was halted for over a decade die to conference alignment. Ironically A&M left the BiG12 because of Texas. Now a decade later, the rivalry will be renewed. Both of these teams are trying to take the next step. If they both do, this game could be an intense battle for a playoff spot.

7. Tennessee vs. Oklahoma

Its no secret that Tennessee has vastly improved under Heupel. His offense has ripped through some of the top teams in the country not named Georgia. Heupel was basically used as a scape goat for Oklahoma when he was let go as the offensive coordinator. That doesn’t sit well. The fighting Heupels will enjoy visiting his Alma Mater and may leave half a hundred on the new look Sooners.

6. Kentucky vs. Oklahoma

Another interesting matchup of coaches feeling spurned by Oklahoma. A lot of people thought that Stoops was the right fit at the right time in Norman. That however, never came to fruition.

5. Tennessee vs. Texas

The battle of the orange UT schools could be a real classic. Texas has struggled mightily lately but seams like 2023 could be different. Tennessee is coming off its best season in 2 decades.

4. Oklahoma vs. Texas

The Red River Shootout Rivalry won’t miss a beat in 2024 and beyond. While this isn’t a new matchup, it will now be an SEC matchup. We expect Texas to own this one for a while but maybe Oklahoma improves and can make it interesting.

3. Arkansas vs. Texas

Remember the old Southwest Conference with teams from Texas and Arkansas? Yeah neither do we. This classic battle feels like it could be a great rivalry if both teams keep improving.

2. Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Alabama versus Oklahoma has that big game feel. This is definitely one of the 8 top SEC matchups we want to see. This could be a regular battle for supremecy. That is if Oklahoma gets a lot better. And really really fast.

1. Georgia vs. Alabama

This game has been played less than half a dozen times in the last 15 years. Georgia is the measuring stick and Alabama is the king of college football. We need to see this game in the regular season.