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Predictions for Georgia Football 2023 Game by Game

Georgia seeks historic third National Championship

Georgia struts into the 2023 season looking to continue the absolute dominance it showed in 2023.  Kirby Smart has to reload but recent history says that won’t be a problem.  The talent at UGA just isn’t matched by anyone.


A Look at the 2023 University of Georgia Football Team

Let’s take a quick look at the Bulldog’s 2022 Season results. Dominate Offense.  Dominate Defense.

Kirby Smart grabbed his second straight National Championship for the Bulldogs of Athens.  Can the Bulldogs repeat 2022?  Could they be even better?  Let’s take a look at the 2023 Bulldogs.

How will the Bulldogs fair in 2023?

The Bulldogs have a ton of talent but also lost a quite a bit.  The Bulldogs will be favored in every game they play this year.

Georgia Bulldogs Threepeat

TN Martin at Georgia

Great chance to get the offseason cobb webs out.  UGA should have complete control of this game by early second quarter.

TN Martin 3  –  Georgia 42

Ball State at Georgia

Ball State came to Neyland Stadium in 2022.  The game lasted all of 2 plays.  Expect a similar scene in Athens.

Ball State 6 – Georgia 45

South Carolina at Georgia

The Gamecocks come to Athens as the first test of the season.  The fighting Beamers will be pumped and confident after knocking off Tennessee and Clemson last season.  Spencer Rattler at times looked like the Heisman candidate he once was.  The Gamecocks will keep it close for 3 quarters but the home team will take over in the fourth.

South Carolina 21 – Georgia 37

UAB at Georgia

UAB isn’t a bad team.  You won’t necessarily know that after this game.  The size and speed will be too much.

UAB 7 –  Georgia 34

Georgia at Auburn

The Dawgs will head to the plains of Auburn to continue their dominant run.  Hugh Freeze made a ton of off season moves to beef up the Tigers.  Freeze is trying to win now.  Auburn won’t be intimidated and this game will be close.

Georgia 24 at Auburn 23

Kentucky at Georgia

Stoops will bring a hungry Kentucky team with a belief that they can knock off the number 1 team in the country.  Kentucky will be a tough team with a better offense.  After the tough battle on the plains, Georgia will be vulnerable.  UGA sneaks away with some last second heriocs.

Kentucky 20 – Georgia 21

Georgia at Vanderbilt

Georgia will have their way with the Commodores.  This could get really ugly as Georgia will use this game to “get right”.

Georgia 31 – Vandy 6

Georgia at Florida

Georgia face another tough, gritty team in Florida.  Unfortunately for the non bulldog team, the talent disparity is large.  Billy Napier will be fighting for his job in this late October battle.  Florida shows life but UGA wins.

Georgia 21 – Florida 17

Florida Gators versus Georgia Bulldogs 2023

Missouri at Georgia

Georgia will have another chance to possibly send another coach home on the 4th of November.  UGA will be too strong and want to rectify what happened in last year’s game in Columbia.  

Missouri 13 – Georgia 31

Ole Miss at Georgia

What may appear to be a wounded animal, the fighting Kiffins will come into this game with nothing to lose.  Georgia will have just went through a gauntlet of gritty teams.  This may end up being the upset of the year.

Ole Miss 34 – Georgia 33

Tennessee will beat Georgia 2023

Georgia at Tennessee

Last year the Bulldogs controlled the game from the get go.  Georgia will expect to do the same.  No team will hold Tennessee to less yards and points on the season.  That won’t matter.  Neyland will be too tough.

Tennessee 30 – Georgia 28

Georgia at Georgia Tech

After 2 straight losses, the Bulldogs will be hungry to knock out little brother.  The Yellowjackets will fight hard but will take on the full wrath of an angry team.

Georgia 49 – Georgia Tech 23


Georgia Bulldogs Football Record Prediction 2023 10 - 2

Threepeating is hard.  Really really hard.  It hasn’t been done since the mid 1930’s.  Lots of things have to go right and chances are Georgia will see some adversity with a slew of teams targeting the Dawgs.  A disappointing, great regular season will leave UGA in the Playoff hunt.

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