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Predictions for Vanderbilt Football 2023 Game by Game

Vanderbilt Football 2023 Projections

Are the Commodores going bowling? Vanderbilt comes into the 2023 season looking to build off of 2022.  Clark Lea returns as the head coach in Nashville.   In year 3, Lea holds a 7 – 17 record.   Vandy looks to return with quarterback AJ Swann at the helm.  While Swann didn’t have great success in 2022, … Read more

8 TOP SEC Matchups We Want To See

With Texas and Oklahoma moving to the SEC, new rivalries will be formed. Old rivalries with certainly go away to as an unintended result of expansion. We will look at those in another article. Below are the top 8 SEC matchups we want to see. 8. Texas A&M vs. Texas This classic rivalry was halted … Read more

2023 – Spring Power Rankings for all 32 Pro Football Teams

Pro Football NFL 930 Sports

NFL Power Rankings for Spring 2023 32.  Houston Texans Projected Record 2-15 31.  Chicago Bears Projected Record 4-13 30.  Arizona Cardinals Projected Record 4-13 29.  Indianapolis Colts Projected Record 4-13 28.  Green Bay Packers Projected Record 5-12 27.  Atlanta Falcons Projected Record 6-11 26.  Denver Broncos Projected Record 6-11 25.  Las Vegas Projected Record 6-11 24.  Tennessee … Read more